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Propane Companies Fairgrove MI

Family Owned…Family Operated Since 1928!


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E.F Gehrls started Fairgrove Oil & Propane in 1928 and is a family owned and operated business.

Fairgrove Oil is a home heating and gasoline provider to a large Mid-Michigan Community. They expanded their business in 1995 introducing and selling Sunoco race fuel to meet their customer’s needs!


Cam 2” is the generic name used for Sunoco Race Fuels. You can expect the same consistence high quality performance from CAM 2 Racing Gasoline that you get from Sunoco Race Fuels because the names are interchangeable.


A favorite of sprints, carters, and truck pullers. Alky Racing Alcohol is top quality methanol it provides lubricant and protection for your engine, and gives maximum performance under various conditions.


Ethanol Enriched fuel is a cleaner burning, renewable fuel that reduces harmful tail pipe emissions and reduces greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change. Reduced emissions – pistons and valves stay cleaner and fumes are non-toxic.


With its naturally high octance content, IGNITE 108 is the ideal choice for medium to high compression engines that rely on quality consistent octane content. IGNITE 108 optimizes burn rate and energy value at cooler operating temperatures than traditional gasoline based racing fuel..


Primary Communities Served Are:

Fairgrove, Tuscola County, Akron, Wisner, Bay Park, Gilford, Quanicassee, Reese, Vassar, Watrousville, Richville, Munger, Millington, Fostoria, Burt, Fosters, Frankenmuth, Tuscola, Gera, Arthur, Bay City, Bridgeport, Saginaw, Essexville